Vision and Learning Group

Vision and Learning Group (VLG) is led by Dr. Chao Ma and affiliated with AI Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Our goal is to train computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Using digital images or videos from cameras and deep learning models, machines can accurately identify and classify objects, and then react to what they “see.” We are working towards narrowing the gap between machine intelligence and human intelligence, which is the most intriguing field of artificial intelligence.


  • Shuai Jia (PhD)

  • Xingyu Ren (PhD)

  • Jilai Zheng (PhD)

  • Qian Li (PhD, coadvised by Xiaokang Yang)

  • Ping Tang (PhD)

  • Wenxi Li (PhD, coadvised by Qionghai Dai and Xiaokang Yang)

  • Jingyu Zhai (MS, CS)

  • Kai Chen (MS, CS)

  • Haodong Ling (MS, EE, coadvised by Xiaokang Yang)

  • Junyi Cao (MS, CS)

  • Lantao Wang (MS, CS)


  • Zhongwei Wu (PhD, University of Burgundy, France)


  • Dr. Weixia Zhang (coadvised by Xiaokang Yang)


  • Ruixue Tang (MS, EE) -> Research Scientist at Huawei

  • Ming Zhu (MS, EE) -> Research Scientist at Momenta

  • Chunwei Wang (MS, EE) -> Research Scientist at Huawei

  • Yihan Zeng (MS, EE) -> Research Scientist at Huawei

  • Zhiming Fan (MS, CS)

  • Jiayin Shi (MS, EE)

  • Zihan Wu (MS, EE)

  • Zhonghao Wu (MS, EE) -> Research Scientist at Tencent